A BROKEN CAKE STILL A CAKE| Meng Wang| Chine, 2017|Fiction, 6’|Mandarin ST En           

Nan’s mother raised her alone after her divorce, but because of her own personal limitations, it is difficult for her to take care of herself and Nan, which is why she is heavily dependent on men. She is simple, chaste, eager to love and to be loved. She’s always changing her boyfriend, but every time she fails, she blames Nan. Because of this, Nan is picked on by classmates, and even gets into fights. On her mother’s birthday, they had a fight. Just like a mother, Nan taught her own mother how to argue, and her mother’s childishness was similar her daughter. They are both vulnerable. In spite of this, Nan’s mother became stronger and won the argument. In the end, she took revenge on Nan just like an army.   

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